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Super dog chew

Didn’t last through the night and quite expensive for a one night chewathon

Super dog chew

my dog loves these a great alternative to raw hide

A bit hard

Molly at first time loved her new chew, but the next time I gave it to her, she wouldn't chew it, she guarded it very carefully, but did not attempt to chew on it.. I can only assume it must of hurt her gums, although there is no sign that this happened. Ip

Shelties approved

My 2 shelties love these puffs & since they’re not strong chewers these last them for about 15 minutes because of the huge size. Lasted 10 more extra minutes for the pup.

Busy Border Terrier

My wee border terrier loves her Super Dog Chew and the puffs and the chew lasts for ages...I get her the large one and give it to her for 1/2 an hour or so...then keep it in the refrigerator

Safest long lasting chews

My dogs are as much my children as are my human kids and of course I want the best for them.
Having seen sharp bits of bone regurgitated and heard first hand accounts of obstructions caused by bones, it was enough to decide that bones weren't worth the risk. Himalayan style chews have proved to be a comparatively safe alternative, as long as they don't get too small and then being able to microwave the small bits into a crunchy treat is fantastic! I found Super Dog Chew when my local supplier of an American brand had ceased importing them. My dogs love their chews even more, they have been easy to deal with and have a very prompt customer service response. My dogs and I are extremely happy with Super Dog Chew!

Best Chews

My dog absolutely loves these chews. They are long lasting and she loves the taste

Our Sammies’ Love Them

This is a great nutritious product and certainly lasts for a few days. Love the option to finish that last chewable bite by microwaving it and returning it to your floof for a safe final few chews. The product is expensive, which makes it price prohibitive, particularly if you have multiple dogs. This a shame as I would love to buy it more frequently.

Super Chew

Doug loves these chews and they are the most long lasting of any others we have bought. Highly recommend.

Nom nom

My dogs help themselves when the box 📦 arrived. They adore the cheese 🧀 toppers. Just wish they didn’t cost so much as it keeps them busy, they adore them.

Lasts quite a long time

My young wasn’t interested and just wanted to bury it. My older dog loves it and really enjoys his chew time.


Our dogs absolutely lover their super dog chews

It's good

My dog loves it. Can't get enough.

Unsure - too hard maybe?

Admittedly I have a very picky poodle pup. She's not into the traditional dental chews but loves Tastybone nylon toys so I thought she would like this given its a harder chew. She chewed it for around 10mins and since then hasn't really picked it back up. Thankfully you can puff these up yourself! She prefers the puff much better, still doesn't run to them but will chew on the puff occasionally if shes bored or wants a snack. Maybe not for the picky dogs. Would recommend trying the cheesy puffs from them instead.

Healthy entertaining treat

Keeps my puppy entertain for hours and I know that she’s having something healthy.

My frank loves it

Our baby boy loves it. And the holder is perfect makes it easier for him. He enjoys it.

Long lasting

My two Yorkies love these treats. They chew on them a lot over the day and then come back to them the next day... so for me they last a long time!! Very happy little doggies!!!

Cheesy puffs

Bella loved them and only gets them as a special treat.

Large size (L) Dog Chew Bars - “For Most Dogs 15-25 Kg”

Thoroughly satisfied with the product, my dog loves the chews....fast delivery ....have since ordered more.

Cavoodle loves them

Our 7kg Cavoodle couldn’t get enough of this treat! Cheese is his favourite thing to scoff down anyway but combined with the crunch - he was in heaven. He licked up every crumb!

Long lasting chew

My little border terrier loves your chews. I get her the large chew she has it for about 20 minutes a day to clean her teeth and enjoy a treat then back into the refrigerator it goes😋😊

Good product

Item took bit more than a week to arrive and that’s it’s understandable with current COVID situation.

Have had Himalayan yak products from other manufacturers and they lasted about two days where as this one lasted about an hour.not sure if the dogs were too excited or products being bit softer than the others but overall It was ok.

Ordered 3 pack and two of them were same size and one was quite small.total weight of the product were as per the description and size changes are understandable when the product is hand made.

Overall, I’m ok with the products and will buy again. Hopefully I will have a better luck with quick postage and longevity next time.

Great for dogs that love to chew

My dog loves it. I give it to her and she’ll leave me alone for hours!
She loves to eat so these chews are great for her

Gra5 treat for a fussy tummy

Hello Clancy the Labrador here my human grand mum gave me my Super Dog Chew for about 20 minute a day and I made it last for a week It was very delicious and didn’t upset my fussy tummy thank you.