Super Dog Club Rewards

Welcome to our Super Dog rewards program. You will earn 5 chew points for every $ spent in store. You can also earn additional barks as follows:

Sign Up 100 chew points
Follow Us on Facebook 100 chew points
Follow Us on Instagram 100 chew points
Facebook Share 100 chew points
Instagram Tag & Photo 100 chew points
Celebrate a Birthday 100 chew points
Leave a Product Review 100 chew points


Redeem your points on these cheesy goodies.

500 barks  Choc Top
1000 chew points $5 discount
2000 chew points $10 discount
1000 chew points 10% off discount


Points earned for leaving a review or an Instagram tag will be updated each month end.

To check your chew points:

  1. Sign into Super Dog Club Rewards. ( You must be signed in to view your rewards)
  2. Hit the Reward Program button on the left : Desktop - Rewards : Mobile - Icon
  3. Head to - Earn more points. Scroll down
  4. Scroll down to see your points added. My points Activity section

To use your chew points please make sure you're logged in. You redeem chew points via the right side pop up where your discount code will be revealed.