About Super Dog Chew

“Super Dog Chew” is a premium natural organic & healthy treats  for dogs  made from centuries old authentic recipe of the Himalayas using ancient traditions and premium quality.

The smaller variant of this hard cheese locally known as “Churpi” is still used as a human treat in the Himalayas and is free of chemical preservatives and foreign additives. Our dog chew is a larger variant of the Churpi that keeps your dog happy and busy for hours. Our product is made using human grade ingredients.
Super Dog Chew is a lactose-free premium grade dog treat made with grass-fed cow milk.It  Contains less than 1% Fat and more than 50% digestible protein.

Super Dog Chews are made of pure milk from cows  in line with tradition and with a touch of innovation.The milk is pasteurized, coagulated, pressed and the end product is dried for a minimum of 30 days to deliver the best and most healthy dog chew.At all stage,we maintain the highest degree of quality and care because we believe that pets are our family.

 It is 100% natural & organic healthy dog treat with no preservatives or chemical substance and extremely long lasting.It is Gluten,Lactose & Grain free.Super Dog Chew also helps improve the dental hygiene of your pet and also delivers a healthy dose of protein needed for your pet’s growth.

You will love the health benefits they provide your pet:-Strong teeth & gums,Odorless breath & shiny coat,Improves mental health & alleviates boredom,Prevents behavioral problems such as chewing inappropriate objects.High in protein,Carbohydrates,calcium & low in fat these treats present a nourishing supplement to your dog’s diet.Your dog will love the flavor and beg for more,Try them today!

These organic chews are good for dogs of all sizes and ages, the product doesn’t stain, splinter, and has minimal odor. The hard and long-lasting chew is the perfect treat to keep your dog happy and occupied for a while in a safe and natural way.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We want you to be absolutely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not happy with our products please write to us. We will make every effort to satisfy your shopping experience.

Super Dog Chew are available in 5 different sizes based on the dog size and weight.

Sizing of Super Dog Chews:

Dogs say, “Bigger is better!” You can always give larger chews to smaller dogs without any problem.

Small: 1 piece, Weight:30-50 g , Length:9-10 cm . Best for dogs under 7 Kg.
Medium: 1 piece, Weight:50-80 g ,Length:12-14 cm. Best for dogs 7-15 kg.
Large : 1 piece, Weight:80-110 g, Length:14-17 cm.Best for dogs 15-25 kg
X-Large: 1 piece, Weight 110-140 g, Length: 15-17 cm. Best for dogs 25-35 kg
XX-Large: 1 piece, Weight:180-210 g, Length:18-20 cm. Best for dogs above 35 kg.