What to do when Your Dog is Allergic?

by Super Dog Chew Admin on March 28, 2020

You’ve done everything to help your dog, yet they can’t stop itching and scratching like crazy. But why is that? Could it be fleas? Or could it be a food allergy?

Here’s how you know.

How to know if Your Dog is Allergic

There are three ways you can use to determine if your dog is really allergic.

Skin Irritations

Check the areas where your dog is scratching frequently. Is the skin dry or flaky? Is there a rash-like reaction underneath the fur? Keep in mind that skin reactions and itchiness are the common symptoms of food allergies.

Ear Infections

Redness or swelling around the ears, excessive scratching or brown/yellow discharge all point towards ear infections, which is another symptom of food allergies.

Vomiting and Diarrhea

This is the most common symptom of food allergies. Often, if a dog eats something they’re allergic to, whether it is a treat or a non-food product, they end up vomiting it. They also suffer from consistent diarrhea.

Solution to Food Allergies

When in doubt about your dog’s diet troubles, put them on an elimination diet. This will help you determine exactly what they’re allergic to.

Next, follow these steps to prevent any further effects of the allergies.

Visit Your Veterinarian

Owners need to make sure that their pooch is getting the right nutrition otherwise their allergies will drain them. Visit the vet and provide them with a complete history of your dog’s health and diet so they can determine the right food plan to better benefit your dog’s health.

Essential Protein Intake

Protein is important if you want to promote healthy digestion for your dog. If you’re giving them home cooked meals, grind your protein source in a processor so it is well incorporated into your food. Or give them only the healthiest dog chews that are high in protein so that their diet is well maintained.

Choose Excellent Food Sources

Your source of dietary food products has to be trustworthy and exceptional. Instead of going for the cheaper options, look through the nutrition chart and determine whether the food you’re buying would provide nourishment.

Stay Positive

It is heartbreaking to see your dog suffering from allergies. This is why proper diagnosis is recommended so you can take the right steps to prevent those allergies. It is a long road though, and often difficult. But if you find the right food source, you will have a better chance of helping them live a happier and comforting life.

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