Processed Food vs. Organic Food for Dogs

by Super Dog Chew Admin on March 28, 2020

When you pick up a can of dog food, do you stop to check the ingredients with as much attention as you would for your own food? Or do you just check the price and carry on?

If you’re one of the first, you’re one of the few.

Even though we live in a health-conscious society, most of us remain clueless about the effects of processed food on our dog’s mental health. And that’s where our problem lies.

Because we don’t have complete information about the right food for our pooch, we simply base our choices on flavor and price. Special tags that dictate shiny coat, puppy development and more of the sort usually do the trick for us. However, by doing so, we not only deprive our dogs of proper nourishment, we also unwittingly affect their mental capacity for the worst.

Why is Processed Food Harmful?

Processed food can have a severe impact on your pet’s mental and physical well-being.

  • When processed food is manufactured, even with good ingredients, the high temperature that is used to sterilize the food ends up destroying much of the nutritional value.
  • Processed food also contains its fair share of herbicides, pesticides, and antibiotics from the time of its conception. Since your dog’s body isn’t able to handle these toxins, they build up inside and in many cases, end up causing chronic diseases.
  • Most processed foods also consist of animal by-products as well, such as leather, hair, feathers… fecal matter.
  • The artificial colors and smells that are added to the dog food also lead to susceptibility to viruses and can cause cancer.
  • These foods also contain many chemical preservatives that cause harmful effects such as dog diabetes, behavioral problems and chronic dog diarrhea to name a few.

Along with these effects, processed dog food also consists of filler carbs, GMO products and has very low vitamin and mineral content.

What is the Solution?

Organic dog chews are the best option.

Unlike the highly processed foods, healthy dog food such as the cheese or Himalayan yak chews from companies like Super Dog Chew offers a healthy dose of nutrients and vitamins. Because of their natural base of manufacture, these chews also carry less antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In addition, these treats contribute to better digestion and lower the risk of illnesses as well as many degenerative diseases.

As for their contribution to mental health, organic dog chews strengthen and increase energy levels and state of mind, thus enhancing your dog’s overall well-being.

In short, organic dog chews work as the most optimal choice for your dog’s health.

Make the Right Choice!

Now that you’ve read this information, take the necessary steps and buy only organic dog food from companies such as Super Dog Chew to improve and fortify your dog’s physical and mental growth.