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What exactly is Super Dog Chew?

How is Super Dog Chew made?

Is Super Dog Chew good for my dog?

What Ingredients are in Super dog Chew?

What size of Super Dog chew do you recommend I give to my dog?

Whats sizing of Super Dog Chews?

Whats the nutritional value of super dog chew?

Can I eat Super Dog Chew?

Is super dog chew a toy or to clean my dog’s teeth?

What are the feeding instructions for Super Dog Chew?

What are the feeding recommendation for Super Dog Chews?

How long does the Super Dog Chew last?

What do I do when a small piece of Super dog chew is left?

What do you mean by microwaving the end piece?

Does Super Dog Chew expire?

What are the feeding precautions for the Super Dog chew?

What methods of payment do you accept?